Who all can use ThinQ-PC?

ThinQ PC is not a different PC, it’s just similar kind of hardware packed in a very small and efficient form factor, yet really powerful. It’s ideal for day to day computing like surfing internet, call center applications, running any office application, online high definition streaming videos, Blue-ray quality movies, and student learning PC even 3D games.

What is SATA SSD Hard Disk Drive used in ThinQ-PCs?

SSD (solid state drives), are the latest technology for hard disk drives and these are really costly in comparison to the regular HDD. Regular desktop/Laptop HDD are mechanical based drives in which they have circular disks and heads inside with rotate generally with 5,400 rpm or 7,200rpm, hence they are quiet venerable to damage and even sometimes you drop your PC/laptop, the first thing get crashed is the HDD, however in SSD there are no moving parts hence date reliability is much higher, even if the SSD is dropped from the height, data will remain safe. Also SATA-II SSD HDD is almost 5 times faster in performance than regular HDD.

Will 64 GB SSD HDD will be enough for me?

For a regular office, call center, schools, colleges, cyber cafes etc even a 16 GB is enough to hold the latest operating system with other office and internet applications since mostly at these places to store a large amount of data if required we recommend a network storage so that all the data is safe and centralized.

What if I want a larger capacity HDD?

SSD HDD’s are much more costly in comparison with regular HDD. A 64 GB SSD cost almost equal to a 320 GB regular HDD. If you wish to upgrade to a larger capacity SSD then the difference will be charged as per actual, else you can get it changed with regular 320 GB HDD, but in that case we won’t be responsible for data and there will be slight difference in performance.

Why does it consume so less power?

ThinQ-PC are built using all energy efficient component which are normally costlier than regular similar components, but consuming lesser power doesn’t mean that it will be slow. Call for a free demo to check the performance yourself.

What all devices it can connect?

Our ThinQ-PC comes with all the connecters like, 4 USB, PS2, COM port, LAN port, D-SUB , audio out, mic and line in, HDMI. You can even connect your large LCD/LED or projector with HDMI port with sound which comes inbuilt with ThinQ-PC and you will not find it in any of the regular PC, to play games watch movies etc.

ThinQ-PC offers 1 GB & 2 GB DDR-3 RAM as standard configuration. Can I upgrade the RAM?

Yes you can upgrade upto 16 GB DDR-3 RAM

How durable are ThinQ-PCs?

Not only its really cool looking but actual beauty lies within. Like human body our heart pumps up blood to all parts of our body, Power supply unit(PSU) is the main component for PC’s which supply current to every other component. We have focused specially on PSU and used all Japanese made solid metal capacitors for building our power supply. Even we are using a very high quality main board with all un-comparable quality components so that you can keep using the machine on and on and 2 years onsite warranty gives complete peace of mind.

How can I mount it on the back of a monitor, and can it be mount to all monitors?

As a introductory offer, we are giving a monitor mounting kit absolutely FREE. Its really easy setup and requires only a minute to mount back. It can be mounted to almost all the monitors and LED/LCD.

What all operating system it supports?

ThinQ-PC supports all x86 and 64 bit operating systems like, windows XP/7/8/server and linux OS
note: D-264i supports only 32 bit operating systems

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